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Diny van KleeffAuthor

FREEN: The First Truth

Fourteen-year-old Gem discovers she is not the only one at her new school with an ancient, amber necklace.

Creepy people are after it and when she and friends Lana and Nooshi learn why, they must decide whether they believe humankind could accept The Truth.


Teen, science fiction set in Eastbourne (UK) and Michigan (USA)


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Journal of Freitous

Freitous is just about habitable, if you are taller than the Pelsopher - but when a new ship lands in the middle of the night, Official Documenter, Garb becomes suspicious about the motives of the strange Earthling Captain and his plans to harvest the planet's most useless resource.


This is a stand-alone, short story on Kindle only.


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ZOFANTICA: The First Lie

The exciting follow-up to FREEN sees Gem, Lana and Nooshi troubled by the appearance of a strange boy at their all-girl boarding school.

Archie has secrets but he will need the help of the girls to remain on Earth.


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Crime and Cremation


Kinky, dark crime-comedy.



Best friends Emily, Louella and Harry are on summer break after finishing their A'levels and looking for something to make some money and relieve their summer-holiday boredom. However, things get twisted and dangerous as they accidentally bump-off a baddie and then collect his cash.


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