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One signed paperback copy of FREEN: The First Truth by Diny FvK
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About FREEN, The First Truth

What if everything you knew about human evolution was turned on its head?
When fourteen-year-old Gem loses her amber necklace at her new boarding school, in the sleepy, English sea-side town of Eastbourne, she and her friends are only concerned with retrieving the precious, family heirloom – little do they know it will draw them into a world of conspiracies and cover-ups as old as mankind. Together with archaeologist, Cessi, Americans Jack and Mac and a strange girl with an identical necklace, Gem and her new friends must fight to keep the truth from being revealed – IF that is what they truly believe they should do.


FREEN is available as both a paperback book and an ebook for Kindle on Amazon

Excerpt from FREEN, Chapter 2...

Cottingley, West Yorkshire 1920.

Millicent Davey pulled her new cloche hat over her mess of curly hair as she walked down the garden path and narrowly missed crashing into the men from the Newspapers, huddling outside her garden gate. She could tell they had been there for a while by the quantity of cigarette butts littering the ground beneath their feet. Boy, would her mother be mad at them.

She regretted the lack of a rim on her new hat and instead, put her head down and marched right past them, ignoring camera-flashes and the persistent, questioning voices.

The Newspaper men were desperate to get their ‘piece’ and return to their offices but, could not do so without some decent material to publish. Their interest in the story had only been aroused because the great Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had insisted on using the cousins' photographs in his article for the Strand Magazine...


Excerpt from FREEN, Chapter 9...

That evening, the dining hall was decked out in the most outrageous, pink and yellow, illuminated Christmas trees, dangerous quantities of prickly holly-sprigs and enough tinsel to decorate the whole school.

“Lovely decs’, Cook,” said Nooshi.

“So much more tasteful than last year,” added Lana.

Gem smiled at Cook, “beautiful, really beautiful,” she lied.

Cook beamed with pride and handed the girls their plates of food. They had all chosen the Farewell Dinner, which was a fairly traditional roast turkey dinner, with the addition of potato croquets in the shape of Christmas trees, the most beautiful, glitter-filled cranberry sauce and pigs-in-blankets that actually had tiny plastic snouts and curly tails inserted into each end.

“Make sure you remove the tail and snout before you eat the pigs,” Cook was reminding everyone...

Excerpt from FREEN, Chapter 14...

The lab assistant had already taken the cadaver out of the chiller and positioned it face-up on the table. It belonged to a young woman aged twenty-three and according to her toe-tag, her name was Sophia Andrea Sissoko. Her body was in good condition, with no obvious signs of injury, other than being dead. Carl directed the scientists around the body and placed a tablet on a stand at her head. Before they did anything, the tablet lit up and a man in military uniform with rows of medals talked to them. Shortly afterwards, a new screen appeared with diagrams and instructions.

The autopsy began as Carl wandered between them, making notes on his own tablet and talking intensely with one of the scientists who was taking blood samples. He took the samples to a glass hatch at the side of the room, opened the hatch and placed them through. A man came to the window wearing a lab-coat and face mask but without the gloves, he took the samples with a pair of tongs.

Twenty minutes later he returned, rapping excitedly on the window and gesticulating to Carl. When he had his attention, the lab assistant held up a note to the window that read, Cobalt Histidines 5%.

Carl tapped his tablet and the face from before appeared, “Sir, we definitely have an anomaly.”...


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