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About Journal of Freitous

Freitous is just about habitable, if you are taller than the Pelsopher - but when a new ship lands in the middle of the night, Official Documenter, Garb becomes suspicious about the motives of the strange Earthling Captain and his plans to harvest the planet's most useless resource.


This is a stand-alone, short story for Kindle ebooks of around 6000 words


“Commander, I need to talk to you urgently about the Earth people.”

“Garb, my dear fellow, it is all under control. My assistant has written up a contract for their stay and I bumped into Wheelscant and he has agreed to verify the Pels tests, so you don’t need to worry yourself about that. Now why don’t you come and sit down with us and have a beaker of crask?”

I have always maintained that the High Commander is not the brightest of Freitans. He was a relation of the Sixth-Tier Commander back on Freito and I am sure that was his only qualification for the role he has held since we arrived. He is also partial to birthgivers and has eight in his own dwelling – I am not so sure the Captain would agree to be his ninth.

“Commander, I believe the Visitors plan to make Freitous their permanent home. I am concerned and I would like to show you my documents, which may help you to see the full picture,” I plead.

“Nonsense Garb, they simply need to harvest some fuel and to be honest, if they can reduce the Pelsopher by doing so, then they are welcome to stay as long as they need.”

I will not get anywhere with the Commander, he means well but, he is smitten.

“May I document the extraction tests on the Pels algae?” I ask.

“Of course, of course Garb, that is your job after all.”

He takes his drinks and heads back to the table, where Besgo and Sindergarb have made themselves comfortable. Besgo is trying hard not to stare at the Captain but Sindergarb has engaged her in a probing conversation.


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