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Details about Zofantica: The Second Truth

Zofantica, The Second Truth will be published later in 2017 but, you can read a few extracts from the work in progress here.

Excerpt 1...

“What’s the matter?” asked Cessi, “has something stung you?”

Then both Lana and Nooshi also shrieked.

“What’s got into you lot?” asked Jack, looking concerned.

“It’s these bloody iWatches, they’re electrocuting us!” complained Lana, holding up her wrist.

“That’ll teach you for buying the first release ones – you should always wait until they’ve ironed out the bugs before buying new tech’!” admonished Mac.

“I shall call my father and have him get Apple to courier out replacements immediately,” said Lana, reaching for her phone.

“Uh, I wouldn’t be so hasty,” said Gem, frowning at her wrist, “I don’t think this has anything to do with Apple.”

Lana peered at her iWatch and Mac grabbed Nooshi’s wrist to examine hers.

“I think it’s another Freen hack,” said Mac, “what on earth does it mean?”

The tiny screen was pulsating red and orange, Mac tapped the screen and the face of a Freen they hadn’t met before appeared.

“Oh my goodness, they’ve added Facetime to it,” whispered Lana, “even the iWatch 2 hasn’t got that yet.”...

Excerpt 2...

A piercing sound jolted Ember from her daydream and she jumped up from her bed with her heart pounding. The communications panel informed her that all passengers were to leave their pods and follow signs to the viewing deck. Ember had no idea where this was but as soon as she stepped outside her pod, the wrist band she had been given flashed directional instructions; straight, along a tall, rectangular, industrial feeling corridor and then turning right into a surprisingly organic section with a grass-like floor and tangled branches where the walls should have been. The passenger whose gaze she had tried to avoid caught up with her and watched for a moment as she reached out to touch a particularly spikey branch.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” said the man.

Ember pulled her arm back, “Why?”

“Because they’ll disappear,” said the man.

Ember reached out and touched the branch. The entire illusion switched off and the bare walls of the corridor were revealed, “Oh!”

“I told you,” laughed the man, not unkindly.

“How did you know they’d do that?” asked Ember suspiciously.

“Because I don’t spend my hours holed up in a stuffy pod,” he replied.

Excerpt 3...

Archie sat stiffly in the green velvet chair his father had placed in front of him.

“So, what did those girls want with you?”

Archie turned a hot shade of pink and hoped his fringe would hide it from his father.

“Aha! I knew it!  They have a sexual interest in you.”

“Jeez Dad, do you have to be quite so blunt about it?”

“I’m sorry Archie, I didn’t mean to embarrass you but, well, these girls and their hormones could cause problems for us and I want you to be aware of what their intentions are – I don’t want you being drawn into some kind of sexual web that you can’t escape from.”

“For god’s sake, Dad, they are fifteen years old – I don’t think they even have the capacity to think beyond their phones.”

“You’d be surprised,” said The Count.

“Look, not every female is seeking to abuse our powers like….”

“Like your mother?”

“Yes, like mum,” said Archie...


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