A Creative Writing Course - Over 12 weeks

First of three, twelve week course books (paperback)


My twelve week Creative Writing Course is suitable for anyone who wants to start writing or who is already writing and would like to improve and widen their repertoire.It follows the same format as my ‘live’ classes and introduces you to a wide variety of ideas and techniques to get you writing with confidence and increasing skill.The book is split into 12 weekly classes, with space for notes, ideas and a log for competition entries at the back.

Lessons are:

WEEK 1: How do I become a writer? | The five finger pitch, WEEK 2: What does dialogue do? | Writing good dialogue, WEEK 3: Point of View | Character Profiles, WEEK 4: Tenses | Writing Pace,

WEEK 5: Poetic devices, WEEK 6: Launch into Poetry, WEEK 7: What turns words into poetry? | Poem types | Poetic Clichés, WEEK 8: Theme | Genre, WEEK 9: Hooks | Cliffhangers, WEEK 10: Frame Stories, WEEK 11: Colour a scene, WEEK 12: Thinking about writing for children


BOOK 2 will be out shortly, with another 12 weeks of creative writing.


Available to purchase in paperback or Kindle at Amazon: www.amazon.co.uk/ACreativeWrtingCourse

Freen: The First Truth

My first book (a novel on Kindle and in paperback)

Teen science-fiction novel, set in Eastbourne.


What if everything you knew about human evolution was turned on its head? When fourteen-year-old Gem loses her amber necklace at her new boarding school, in the sleepy sea-side town of Eastbourne, she and her friends are only concerned with retrieving the precious, family heirloom – little do they know they will be drawn into a world of conspiracies and cover-ups as old as mankind. Together with archaeologist, Cessi, Americans Jack and Mac and a strange girl with an identical necklace, Gem and her new friends must keep the truth from being revealed – IF that is what they truly believe they should do.


Available to purchase in paperback or Kindle at Amazon: www.amazon.co.uk/Freen

Signed copies can be purchased directly from Diny van Kleeff, email books@dinyfvk.co.uk

Crime and Cremation

​​My second book (a novella on Kindle and in paperback)

Kinky, crime-comedy caper for older teens and adults.


Best friends Emily, Harry and Louella have just finished their A’ levels, are bored and in need of cash. They accidentally kill the pervert who is stalking Emily, secretly cremate him at Harry’s uncle’s crematorium and collect his stolen cash. This makes them realise that getting rid of bad people could be a great way to earn some money over the summer holidays - however, their efforts lead them into the paths of Satanists, fraudsters, the Russian Mafia and corrupt cops.

Will they get away with theft and murder and more importantly, will the super-hot postman think Emily is cute?


Available to purchase in paperback or Kindle at Amazon: www.amazon.co.uk/Crime-Cremation

A Nurturing Way to Teach Your Child to Read

​​A practical guide for parents (Paperback)


I loved teaching my three, very different children (including one with high functioning autism and ADHD) to read but, realised there was no SINGLE resource that told me how to go about it - especially all the information about phonics, different methods and learning styles so, being a writer (and obsessive researcher) I decided to create one!


A Nurturing Way to Teach your Child to Read is a guide for parents who want to understand how reading is taught, why certain methods are used in British schools, what EXACTLY is phonics all about and how to actually go about teaching their child not only to read, but also to begin to write.


It is NOT a phonics-based system, or in fact any sort of system but, a fact-filled guide that will explain many of the current methods used, why and how you might use them yourself and most importantly, as a caring and fully engaged parent - it is about nurturing a love of reading and having a lovely time with your child.Suitable from about eighteen months through to eight years, this guide is perfect for Home Educators and ideal for any parent who wants to prepare their child and support them learning to read and write at school.


Available to purchase in paperback on Amazon: www.amazon.co.uk/Nurturing-Teach-your-Child-Read

Printable Activities to compliment my book A Nurturing Way to Teach Your Child to Read

​​A printable activity pack (Downloadable PDF)


Lots of printables, including rewards charts, based on the suggestions in my book 'A Nurturing Way to Teach Your Child to Read'. These are the activities I created when my own children were learning to read.


Available to purchase from my Etsy shop Education and Words

Journal of Freitous

​​A short science-fiction story (Kindle)


Freitous is just about habitable, if you are taller than the Pelsopher - but when a new ship lands in the middle of the night, Official Documenter, Garb becomes suspicious about the motives of the strange Earthling Captain and his plans to harvest the planet's most useless resource.


Available to purchase on Kindle or read for free on Kindle Unlimited: www.amazon.co.uk/Journal-Freitous-short-science-fiction

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