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Watch out! I'm out and about...

Being a brand new author and ever-so-slightly over-excited about launching my book, you may find me popping up everywhere, book in hand, hoping you will buy one and ask me to sign it. I don't think I will ever get bored of signing books, but ask me again when I've sold a few thousand and maybe I'll have trained one of my children to fake my signature :-)

Herstmonceux Medieval Festival

26th and 27th  August 2017


Not one to stay within my comfort zone, this weekend I will be dressed as an evil, medieval sorceress (ok, so that bit isn't so weird for me) and telling stories at Herstmonceux Medieval Festival.
Look out for Nut and The Moat Fox; a spooky tale about the animals and ghosts at Herstmonceux Castle, and Nut and The Scaredy-Cat, both suitable for all children.


Herstmonceux Medieval Festival: www.englandsmedievalfestival.com/


Moore than Magick: www.facebook.com/MooreThanMagick/

I Love Research!

29th July 2017


A large part of writing involves research - which personally, I love! I've been ghost hunting for my spooky poems, to London for a talk with the Fortean Society about Arthur Conan Doyle and the Cottingley Fairy Photos and tonight to Hastings to an Alien Abductee conference - all to ensure that what I write is as authentic as possible.


Ghost hunting with SDS Sussex Darkside: www.sussexdarkside.co.uk


The London Fortean Society Lectures: http://forteanlondon.blogspot.co.uk/


The ETNewsroom: http://theetnewsroom.com/

New Etsy Shop

25th July 2017


I have decided to see how good Etsy is for selling books!



Author Signing at Feastival, Eastbourne

24th and 25th June 2017


I'm going to be selling and signing copies of teen scifi book FREEN: The First Truth at Eastbourne's Feastival. Come and say hello to me at my stand.

Feastival is a festival of Food, Culture and Music held in Princes Park, Eastbourne.


I'm pleased to say that I had a lovely time at the Feastival, although I had to abandon camp early on the first day after being beaten by the weather, the second day was fabulous and I met loads of interesting people - some of whom even purchased my book.



Author Signing at Old Town Fete, Eastbourne

Saturday 22nd July 2017

1.30pm to 4.30pm


I'm going to be selling and signing copies of teen scifi book FREEN: The First Truth at the Old Town Fete, Eastbourne.


The old Town is co-ordinated by Churches Together in Old Town and is a free event for our local community. There will be musical entertainment, pony rides, a novelty dog show, bouncy castles, face painting, side shows, crafts, food and lots of fun!



Author Signing at Wyntercon, Eastbourne

Saturday 7th to Sunday 9th  October 2017

10.00am to 4.00pm


I'm going to be selling and signing copies of teen scifi book FREEN: The First Truth at the Eastbourne's own Science Fiction and Comic Convention.


Look out for my alien t-shirts! Would you choose to be Freen or Zofantls?




Diny is happy to answer your questions, please email her at:

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