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Reviews of FREEN: The First Truth

- An interesting and thought provoking book

A really good enthralling read. Suitable for all ages. Raises important issues on the future of the planet in a non-scary way. Great to use as a basis to discuss where humanity is heading and foster an interest in astro-physics. Have you looked at the bottom of your garden lately?
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- This is an excellent read for teens although I think some adults would

This is an excellent read for teens although I think some adults would enjoy it to. The author has a real talent for combining interesting theories relating to evolution, and the origin of the human race alongside a plot for an exciting and fast moving fantasy thriller. Much of the action is set against the background of a group of girls attending a boarding school in Sussex.

Some of these girls however are far from ordinary pupils. I found the main characters were both believable and likeable. The storyline is driven along by many strange and seemingly unexplainable events. There is a mystery here waiting to unfold, full of invention and imagination. It gives the reader a taste for some of the possible advanced technologies of the future and links these with the myths of the past. It questions some of our most fundamental assumptions while at the same time remaining an exciting read and a fast moving roller coaster of unexpected twists and turns.

I would recommend this book it is a thoroughly good read.

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Diny FvK is a talented writer possessing warmth, imagination and humour as well as an appealing style - which comes out in Freen: The First Truth. She is a very good story teller and can be proud of her first teen/young adult novel. It should prove most popular with youngsters because Diny obviously knows how to engage with them - Tony Flood, the author of fantasy adventure The Secret Potion.
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- A nice story line which does not "wander off" as many

If this is the first book by the author she has done very well indeed. A nice story line which does not "wander off" as many books of this genre do. Maybe a bit too much emphasis on food but perhaps the reason for that will be revealed in future books. Fantasy for the young female teenager (which I am not) but who said Harry Potter was not for adults?

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- Freen. By Diny Fvk

I really enjoyed this book by Diny. It is apparently her first book and shows an amazing talent. Her characters are well drawn and believable. It follows the adventures of a group of girls at school, who through a series of coincidences find out something of life changing importance. I will not elaborate on that or it could spoil the story for future readers. The characters are taken from a wide spectrum of the community which adds interest to their story, and It brings in shades of the earths own history and provides an interesting theory on evolution. The story is well written and well worth buying and I hope she writes more books in this genre as it is crying out for a sequel.
Francis Wait author of ‘The Survivalists’ and the ‘Magical Pendant of Perdania’ by Frances Jaycee.
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